This is a quick overview information that you’re going to need  and questions that you might have if we’re to work together. 

Read and internalize this before you fill out the requirements form. This is the first step that will lead to a successful design experience.

How does the design process go?


Project Brief

There’s a questionnaire on the next page that is designed to gather more detailed information about what you are looking for and maybe even get your creative juices ready for prime time.

Initial Mockups

I will take all of the information that you’ve provided and create no less than two(2) designs in black and white and inverted coloring. This really helps you get an idea of how this design would look on light and dark backgrounds and in places where colors aren’t available. 



Color Prototype

Once we’ve refined the core concept, we get to add color styling that aligns with your brand guidelines. This means color selection starts and ends with you and most likely decisions that you’ve already made for the visual identity of your organization.

The Delivery

Now that we’re all done, I will package up several different versions of your design files with instructions on where they’re best applicable and send them you. 


What do I need to get started?

You have to have passion

Marketing and building your brand starts, and stops with a willingness to adapt fluid strategy. 

Setbacks are inevitable. Being focused and driven is the fuel that you will need to keep going when they come.

You have to have a team

…or at least be prepared to build one.
Working on your brand will be a lot of work and unlike me you most likely have a day job that isn’t this project.  Find someone [or several someones] that shares your vision to share feedback, ideas and most importantly – the load.

You have to know where you're going

If you don’t have clear goals, or aren’t at least prepared to work with me to refine them, you won’t have any idea what constitutes a win.

What does success look like? Really.

You have to have time

I didn’t get a chance to…

If we work together, I need you to be 100% invested in delivering the outcome. Having a team and having a dedicated point of contact can mean the difference between  building a successful creative strategy and folding an unsuccessful business. 

Personally, I reserve the right to fire clients for wasting time. 

You have to have a budget​

Your brand. Your business. Your future. Your investment.

When you hire people to assist with your business concerns, you need to have some idea of the upper limit that you are willing and able to invest in yourself and your business  interests.

📢 While I am happy to help you achieve your objectives, this is my day job. I will cheer for your win, but I will not work for equity.

I've read this and I'm ready to get started!

Click this button to go to the form so that I can get more information about the goals and plans that led you to my website today.

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